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Djembe Drum Carved Flower of Life Black Drum

This Flower of Life Djembe drum is hand made in Bali with a black finish - a great room accent or functional drum.

  • Djembe Drum Carved Flower of Life Black Drum
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  • Product Code: KK-26340
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Djembe Drum Carved Flower of Life Black Drum

Drums, with their captivating rhythms and primal beats, have long been used as powerful instruments in mystical rituals across cultures and traditions. Their mesmerizing sounds create a sacred space, allowing participants to connect with the spiritual realm and transcend ordinary consciousness.

In mystical rituals, drums serve multiple purposes, each contributing to the overall transformative experience. Firstly, the steady and repetitive beats establish a rhythmic foundation, setting the pace and creating a sense of unity among participants. The drumbeat acts as a guiding force, leading individuals into a state of heightened awareness and facilitating a deeper connection with the divine.

As the ritual progresses, the drums take on a more profound role. They become conduits of energy, amplifying intentions and invoking spiritual forces. The resonating vibrations of the drumbeats permeate the atmosphere, awakening dormant energies and opening portals to the unseen realms. The participants, attuned to the rhythmic pulse, are swept away on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Furthermore, drums serve as a means of communication with the spiritual entities or deities. The rhythms and beats act as a language, conveying intentions, prayers, and offerings to the divine. Participants, in harmony with the drum's cadence, express their desires, gratitude, and reverence through their movements and chants, creating a profound energetic exchange between the earthly and the ethereal.

In this mystical union of rhythm, sound, and intention, the drum serves as a bridge, connecting the physical and the spiritual, the mundane and the transcendent. It is a catalyst for transformation, facilitating healing, spiritual awakening, and personal empowerment. The drum's vibrations not only resonate within the physical body but also penetrate the depths of the soul, awakening ancient memories and facilitating spiritual growth.

Whether it is the shamanic rituals of indigenous cultures, the ecstatic ceremonies of mystical traditions, or the sacred practices of various spiritual paths, drums play an integral role in creating an environment conducive to spiritual exploration and transcendence. They are an embodiment of the primal heartbeat that underlies all existence, reminding us of our connection to the cosmic rhythms and the interconnectedness of all beings.

So, when the beats of the drum fill the air in a mystical ritual, they invite us to step into the sacred space, to release the limitations of the mundane world, and to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and divine communion. The drums guide us, empower us, and awaken the mystical forces within, allowing us to tap into the vast realms of the unseen and embrace the transformative power of the mystical experience.

Each of these hand made Djembe drums is a work of art in a black finish with carved Flower of Life design. The Flower of Life symbol is a mesmerizing geometric pattern that has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Consisting of overlapping circles arranged in a symmetrical design, it forms an intricate and harmonious composition.

The Flower of Life symbol holds deep spiritual and metaphysical significance across cultures and belief systems. It is considered a sacred symbol, representing the interconnectedness and unity of all life. The overlapping circles symbolize the interconnected nature of existence, demonstrating how all living beings are interconnected and part of a larger cosmic tapestry.

The pattern's name, the "Flower of Life," stems from its resemblance to a blooming flower. Just as a flower unfolds its petals, this symbol is believed to represent the unfolding of consciousness and the expansion of one's spiritual journey. It is a visual representation of the inherent harmony and balance found in the universe, reminding us of the fundamental patterns that underlie all creation.

The Flower of Life symbol has been found in ancient cultures worldwide, adorning sacred sites, temples, and artifacts. Its presence throughout history suggests its importance as a symbol of creation, fertility, and divine energy. Many believe that meditating or contemplating upon this sacred geometry can evoke a profound sense of connection, harmony, and spiritual awakening.

Hand made in Bali, each drum is hand made with a beautifully shaped base, topped with goatskin, and hand tightened to a beautiful deep tone. The side ropes make it easy to carry to your next drumming circle or use it as a decorative accent or even a small side table.

Jimbe or Djembe drums are said to be magical transmitting the vibrations of the tree it is made of, the animal spirit the top is made from, and the state of mind of the artisan the carved the instrument. They are a true work of art.

Each drum is about 15.75 inches high, 7 1/4 inches in diameter. As each is hand made, please expect minor variations.

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Product Code: KK-26340 | Approximate Size (Inches): 8.50 wide x 8.50 deep x 15.00 high | Approximate Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs.

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There are no reviews for this product yet. Own it? Review it.

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